How to use Muser

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It explains how to use the service in English.

※We do not recommend singing-up with phone carrier provided mail address (, docomo, au etc).
Using these mail address might cause an error when applying.

Creating an Account

①Access to our website “MUSER” from or via the QR code below

② Create an account with your email address

What's "YELL"

"YELL" is the digital money used in the service, which can be used for "purchasing tickets", "throwing money to artists (sending ale and comments during live performances)", "purchasing artist cards", etc. You can charge from 100YELL (¥ 100 + TAX).

Purchasing Your Ticket

①Tap on
「Purchase Ticket」

Check the ticket information 

↑ Check your purchase information

②Enter your creditcard information
※Also supports pre-paid credit cards
※ Checking tickets, you’ve purchased

Purchased tickets can be checked by tapping on the number next to「TICKET」in mypage.


①Tap on「Watch the LIVE」button,
which will be ready 30min before your live concert.

②  If you reach the page below, you're ready! Click on play button and ENJOY!

↑PC/Smart Phones/Tablets(horizontal screen)
↑Smart Phones/Tablets (vertical screen)

Preferred Device Specification
   ■Smart Phone / Tablets
iPhone / iPad
OS:iOS(Latest Ver.)
Browser:Safari (Latest Ver.) / Google Chrome(Latest Ver.)
Android/Android Tablets
OS:Android OS 8.0 or above ブラウザ:Google Chrome (Latest Ver.)
OS:MAC OS (Latest Ver. )
Browser:Safari (Latest Ver. ) / Google Chrome (Latest Ver. )
OS:Windows 10
Browser:GoogleChrome(LatestVer.) /Edge(LatestVer.)

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